Prepare yourself for your interview. Know what you will talk about and anticipate the types of questions we may ask. Practice. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Know your abilities and what you are capable of. Know what you are aiming to achieve and have a plan in mind.


Be honest in the information you provide, including your CV & Interview We value amazing talent and to make sure we welcome the right ones, we scrutinize all the applicants quite closely. Here we would like to offer you some tips before you apply at iSplendid.

  • Good English Communication Skill
  • Be honest with whatever you put up in your resume.
  • Stay true to what you say regarding your credentials in your interview.
  • Make sure you do a bit of homework before you apply; discover us on the internet first, so that you may get to know us.
  • Kindly, do not include someone else’s work in your portfolio. We will be happy with and will appreciate whatever is there on your portfolio, even if it is less for you.
  • Make us believe how your skills and experience can help contributing in our winning team.

Vacancy available at iSplendid


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